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Got the grips Today.  LOVE THEM!!!

Exactly what I've been looking for, almost makes me want to buy another gun, so I can get another pair."


Scott Walker

Collierville, TN

Exotic Wooden Handgun Grips

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 "The largest variety of exotic 1911 grips in the world"  

Wood Grips is devoted to manufacturing handgun grips from the most beautiful wood in existence.  The cocobolo is a very rare species of hardwood sourced from a specific region in the Pacific coastal hills of Central America.  The cocobolo is highly figured and displays contrasting colors ranging from reddish/orange to deep burgundy.   Read more about our quality of wood by clicking here.  

The ivorywood is sourced from Brazil & is carefully selected for its off-white coloration, similar in appearance to actual ivory, hence the name given to the wood.  Our walnut comes from the Sacramento Valley of California.

Beautiful figured wood grips can do more to improve the appearance of a pistol than any other after market accessory.  The aesthetics of fine handgun grips are very important but they must also feel right.  Our 1911, Ruger and Browning grips are made to a design which provides a comfortable feel and control ergonomics which yield better results when shooting.

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Wood Grips has focused on the 1911 and Hi-Power grip market.  It has the largest variety of exotic cocobolo grips available providing the handgun enthusiast the opportunity to add a personal custom appearance that is so desirable.







The finish on all non-checkered smooth surfaces is a polished satin sheen which enhances the custom appearance.

All Wood Grips are handmade to exacting standards and dimensional tolerances.  The checkering is impeccably hand cut to 18 lines per inch.



Located in California, Wood Grips manufactures over 60 different models of 1911 grips from several species of woods.  Our standard 1911 models are $39.95, and with $3 shipping anywhere in the USA, you can be sure of a great value.  We also manufacture a variety of cocobolo grips for Ruger Single Actions.  There is an inventory of most every model and shipping is provided with a tracking number.  There is also a 30-day money back satisfaction guaranteed policy. 

Wood Grips

8448 4th Ave

Hesperia, CA 92345

Phone: 760-949-7777

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